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Breaking Canadian ELD News: Update on Progressive Enforcement

Today, we’re bringing you an important update on the Canadian ELD mandate.  As part of the communication between ORBCOMM and Transport Canada, we received confirmation that Transport Canada is further refining the Progressive Enforcement policy that was announced by the Minister of Transportation on March 2nd. Transport Canada has confirmed to

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Suez Canal Incident Illuminates Critical Role of AIS Data in Making Informed Supply Chain Decisions

In recent days you have probably seen a lot of coverage on the Evergreen marine container vessel, Ever Given, getting stuck in the Suez Canal and holding up global trade as a result. One of the critical maritime shipping choke

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ELD Update: FMCSA Request for Comment on Yard Move Guidance

The FMCSA has posted a notification to the Federal Registry seeking comment regarding a proposed update and clarification of the use of Yard Move. When the FMCSA published the ELD Mandate it did not specifically define a Yard or the

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ORBCOMM Supports New DCSA IoT Standard for Refrigerated Container Monitoring On-Board Vessels

As a global leader in industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for supply chain assets, cargo and infrastructure, ORBCOMM welcomes the new IoT connectivity interface standards for monitoring refrigerated containers on-board vessels published December 18 by the Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA).

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COVID-19 Vaccine Transport Logistics: Supporting the (Very) Cold Supply Chain

As big pharma announces the success of experimental COVID-19 vaccines, global distribution of the vaccine is fast approaching, and the sensitive freight will require strict temperature compliance. It means vaccines will need to be transported as cold as -70 degrees

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New in Satellite-Cellular Technology: The Programmable ST 9100 for Custom IoT Solutions

The latest in ORBCOMM’s line of next-generation IoT devices, the ST 9100 is the most advanced terminal yet, boasting multi-network connectivity and a flexible programming environment for custom IoT solutions. The ST 9100 is purpose-built for use by ORBCOMM’s vast

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Next-Generation, Global IoT Service: Video Interview with ORBCOMM & Inmarsat CEOs

A new video interview was just released with Marc Eisenberg, Chief Executive Officer of ORBCOMM, and Rupert Pearce, Chief Executive Officer of Inmarsat, to expand upon their enhanced partnership announced last week. The interview is hosted by satellite industry expert

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How Africa Wildlife Tracking Leverages Satellite IoT to Prevent Poaching: Case Study

“You can understand, especially now, the emphasis is on anti-poaching. You need a reliable unit that will report regularly. If you don’t get a report, you know there’s something wrong. If you have a unit which can’t send through trees and

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HOS Rule Change: Live Q&A Rewind

With the FMCSA introducing its change to HOS regulations on September 29, I hosted a Live Q&A to answer the many questions we received on the subject. You can see the full thread of the Q&A in sequence below. We’ve

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Farmers Reap the Benefit of Efficient Agricultural Irrigation Using Satellite

“Our solution provides farmers with the peace of mind that their machinery is in excellent working order, and that it is being monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” – Ponce CEO José Robetto.  To help farmers ease the

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