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Purchasing solutions to improve your fleet is only half the battle. Until they’re properly deployed, the only thing they’ll be collecting is dust. This can be difficult if they lack intuitive documentation and installation instructions, resulting in time, money and resources that can eat away at fleet margins.  

We developed our Field Support Tool for this very reason–to simplify the installation process so customers can start making data-driven decisions faster and easier through self-deployment. This mobile app removes some of the pain points that come with upgrading technology by including step-by-step instructions, minimizing the need for technical support when using installation instructions.

Plus, it keeps a catalogue of installation and maintenance events available to both users and our technical support team. If problems arise, we can quickly explore each step of the installation process for your specific solution to pinpoint and resolve any errors. 

Using the ORBCOMM Field Support Tool 

Once the Field Support Tool is installed, the app uses Bluetooth scanning to search for and wirelessly connect to nearby devices before walking users through a detailed list of steps for device installation, activation and maintenance. To help keep track of current progress, color-coded icons determine steps that are completed or still require attention. In addition, pre-set configuration setups can be saved for use on different devices to expedite the process for large-scale deployments. When devices are successfully synced, the Field Support Tool identifies the asset where the device is being deployed along with any available door, temperature and cargo sensors to pair with. 

How to verify ORBCOMM device installation 

We want to ensure that your solution is running as intended just as much as you do. That’s why our installation instructions require a photo of the installed device to be sent to our ORBCOMM support team along with a brief completion report which verifies proper installation and can act as a reference for support teams in case troubleshooting is required. In addition, an easy-to-follow user onboarding guide is readily available through the app to answer any questions that may arise during your installation. 

What products are supported by the Field Support Tool? 

Today, our Field Support Tool is available on both Android and iOS (Android 7 or higher and iOS 12 or higher), and supports the following ORBCOMM devices and accessories: 

Have feedback? We’d love to hear it 

We want to build the perfect deployment tool for our customers. If you have any feedback on ways to improve the Field Support Tool or if you’re still having difficulties with installation instructions, there is a user survey via the app that you can fill out to help us make our Field Support Tool even better. 

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