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Australian Fleet Telematics News: Booth Transport Looks to ORBCOMM to Enhance Fleet Visibility and Performance

This enables Booth Transport to monitor the temperature of dairy products in its ISO tanks and track its road tankers distributing wine and chassis transporting containers throughout Australia. With live and scheduled status updates, Booth can see whether their assets are

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The Clock is Ticking on Canadian ELD, Download the Definitive Implementation Guide

While June 12, 2021 may feel like a long time in the future, Canadian and cross-border fleets will be acutely aware that it is the date for Canadian ELD mandate compliance. The use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) will be mandatory.   Fleets should start preparing

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Hours of Service Rule Change: What Your Fleet Needs to Know

The FMCSA is introducing a change to HOS regulations to give drivers greater flexibility without impacting safety. The rule changes impact: the 30-minute break rule, split-sleeper berth provision, adverse driving condition exception, short-haul exception and comes into effect on September

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Get the Complete Picture: 5 Ways Telematics and Cameras Complement Each Other

Telematics and Video Cameras, The Perfect Match Telematics and camera systems are coming together to become an essential part of any fleet operator’s toolkit. Before, simple dashcams delivered abundant but weighty and hard-to-manage data.  The data was tough to sort

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The Cost of Overweight Trailers and How to Avoid the Problem

Latest figures from the UK’s Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)  say that overloading of Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) has been a consistent problem since at least 2013, with more than 670 reported offences. Many of these lead to fines

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Bridge Strikes, What Damage do they Cause and How to Avoid Them?

Did you know… in the UK alone, there are five bridge strikes per day? At every Transport Manager Conference in the UK in 2019, we heard of the many challenges and opportunities hauliers are facing daily. One thing that we’ve

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Working Hours Analysis: What Happens When You Combine EU Working Time Data, Drivers’ Hours Info and Non-Tacho information?

Tachograph data is vital for the successful running of any EU fleet. Under both EU and country laws, tachographs record driving time, break time, rest periods, speed and distance travelled. But what happens when you need to get a fuller

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6 Ways In-cab Devices can Move Beyond Compliance to Boost Fleet Efficiency and Driver Productivity

Since the introduction of ELDs, compliance has been the main impetus for fleets to install in-cab mobile devices.    However, with scores of basic ELDs introduced to the market over the last two years, fleets are now recognizing the limitations of compliance-only ELD products and

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Earned Recognition, Brake Testing and Brexit, all at FTA Transport Manager Conferences

While last year bristled with uncertainty around Brexit, there was more of an air of optimism around this year’s FTA Transport Manager Conference Autumn Series. ORBCOMM was delighted to exhibit at six dates across the UK. We joined hundreds of

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Better Temperature Monitoring, Driver Performance and CSA Scores for Dutch Valley Foods

Find out how Dutch Valley Foods works with ORBCOMM for more efficient refrigerated tracking, with temperature monitoring, better driver performance and a safer fleet. “The number of rejected loads has gone down. If the customer on the other end just

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