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Journey Management – Where do we go from here?

The odds are if you have been in the oil & gas industry for any length of time, you have had some type of involvement with Journey Management. The real question is if you had to take a competency test on

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Oil and Gas Fleet Safety: Is It Time to Stop Simply Checking the Box?

Anyone who spends time in the oilfield will see that with the upswing in business comes an increase in fatalities. It looks like this year is on track to set new records in oilfield driving fatalities. Unfortunately, the statistics don’t lie.   Over the past

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Fleet Safety Talk: Life Behind the Wheel in the Oilfield

Driving is quite honestly something that we just take for granted every day. Why you ask? Because it’s become habit. When we climb into our company oilfield cars, trucks and SUVs, our brains are filled with a thousand different thoughts

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