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Field Support Tool: Simplifying Installation Instructions

Purchasing solutions to improve your fleet is only half the battle. Until they’re properly deployed, the only thing they’ll be collecting is dust. This can be difficult if they lack intuitive documentation and installation instructions, resulting in time, money and

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Building a Satellite Ocean Vessel Tracking Solution

Maritime theft remains one of the largest problems thwarting docks around the world. While it’s significantly less often than from trailers, marinas and docks accounted for 17% of the total marine thefts in 2020 according to the National Insurance Crime

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The Cape Town Agreement: A call for safer fishing

The clock is counting down to the ratification of International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) latest measure to improve safety standards and practices on more than 64,000 fishing vessels over 24 metres in length worldwide. In 2019, more than 50 IMO Member

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Stay Connected in Transit with Cargo Cameras

Knowing the cargo and load status of a trailer gets difficult as soon as the trailer door closes, and the unit leaves the yard.  This can pose several problems for fleets. The product quality can be affected during the trip, which

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VAR Spotlight: PT Megah Surya Persada

Tackling transparency in fishing Indonesia-based PT Megah Surya Persada (MSP) uses ORBCOMM’s satellite service to bring transparency and regulatory compliance to the local fishing industry through vessel tracking. Indonesia is one of the largest fish producers in the world, making

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Smart Containers Are Revolutionizing Reefers

When port delays occur, refrigerated containers—carrying temperature-sensitive cargo susceptible to spoilage—are hit the hardest. An unexpected influx of containers can result in fleets losing track of their assets’ locations or can interfere with cargo integrity, as some may not receive

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Improve Accident Reconstruction with Impact Detection Reports

This is article #1 of our ORBCOMM Platform Quick Tips Series where we highlight useful features within the ORBCOMM platform that customers can use to generate value from their data.  Did you know that the average American trucking industry lawsuit

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4 Ways to Improve Fuel Economy with Fleet Technology

Anything that takes up 30% of your fleet operating costs deserves serious attention. With fuel prices continuing to soar –especially amidst the current conflict in Ukraine – finding ways to improve fuel economy can provide significant savings for your fleet

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Fleets Can Win More Business with Customer Service

It’s natural for fleets to tie generating more revenue with growing their trailer pool or expanding service to new regions. This can certainly push the needle, but it requires additional resources that may be unavailable due to external factors such

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5 Fleet Tech Hacks to Win More Business

For fleet managers, accommodating new business can be difficult in the best of times – let alone today’s current climate of dragging trailer backorders and component shortages. Many have been forced to look inwards as they await their new assets,

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