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New: ST 9100 for Custom IoT Solutions

The latest in ORBCOMM’s line of custom IoT devices, the ST 9100 is the most advanced terminal yet, boasting multi-network connectivity and a flexible programming environment for custom IoT solutions. The ST 9100 is purpose-built for use by ORBCOMM’s vast

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IoT Helping Food Transporters Meet Increasing Demand

E-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart are continuing to change customer expectations when it comes to acceptable delivery timelines and transportation requirements. Customers are increasingly going online to buy cosmetics, housewares, health and personal items and— more recently, as research shows—groceries, further fueling the

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Controlled Atmosphere Containers Made Easier for Refrigerated Cargo Transport

Transporting perishable goods over long distances has always been challenging. It can be a race against time for produce to get to their destination intact as oxygen in the air will cause it to ripen quickly and eventually start to

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Boosting Driver Retention with Chief Express

“What really drew my eye to the ORBCOMM solution is that the system is geared toward convenience and simplicity which helps driver retention,” – Victor van Kuilenburg, Director of Safety and Human Resources at Chief Express.   Read our latest case study, to find out how Chief

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FMCSA Denies ELD Exemptions for Small Carriers

There is no further delay expected in the final phase-in for Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has denied ELD exemptions to small-business truckers.   The FMCSA has announced it has denied an application,

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FSMA Compliance: 7 Features to Look for in a Temperature Management Solution

The US FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) has introduced a series of stringent new requirements on food transporters, who are turning to technology to enable comprehensive temperature management and compliance in their fleets. the FSMA rule ensures the safety of the

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Integrated Dispatch and Asset Tracking Helps Mike Tamana Optimize Fleet Operations

In our latest case study, we explore how ORBCOMM’s integrated fleet management solution helped a refrigerated transportation company minimize spoilage, improve fuel economy, optimize asset utilization and comply with food handling and driver hours-of-service regulations. Mike Tamana Trucking uses ORBCOMM’s

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Public Safety Fleets: A Case for Telematics for First Responder Vehicles

Motor vehicle crashes are devastating for those involved regardless of the circumstances, but when an incident involves emergency response personnel tasked with ensuring public safety, it’s almost unthinkable. Unfortunately, crashes involving ambulances, firetrucks and police vehicles happen more often than

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Cold Chain Monitoring: Transporting Perishables Around the Globe

Peter Kuijt, VP of Sales Europe, explains why ORBCOMM’s end-to-end solutions for two-way wireless cold chain monitoring is leading the way globally. 1. When transporting perishable goods such as fresh fruit and vegetables what are the typical challenges faced in ensuring

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New in Satellite Tracking Technology: Introducing the Programmable ST 6100

The ST 6100 is the first in a series of new programmable satellite terminals by ORBCOMM that builds on the technical foundation of the award-winning IsatData Pro terminals, to bring customers IDP functionality along with some great new enhancements. The

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