Controlled Atmosphere Containers Simplify Reefer Transport

Transporting perishable goods over long distances has always been challenging. It can be a race against time for produce to get to their destination intact as oxygen in the air will cause it to ripen quickly and eventually start to decompose.

Controlled Atmosphere Lengthens Shelf Life

Controlled Atmosphere containers use advanced technology for atmosphere control by regulating carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen levels. The right conditions inside a container help to slow down ripening, preserving perishable produce and vastly improving its shelf life especially during long-distance trips.

These state-of-the-art containers have been particularly successful for transporting high-respiratory produce such as avocadoes and bananas, allowing the fruit to arrive in perfect conditions, ready for sale on supermarket shelves.

Where To Find Controlled Atmosphere

ORBCOMM’s Controlled Atmosphere technology is now available in the ReeferConnect and VesselConnect platforms for leading OEMs Daikin and StarCool. The new functionality enables customers to remotely monitor and control containers, including setting Controlled Atmosphere functionality, initiating pre-trip inspections and accessing data logs.

Speaking of the enhanced functionality, ORBCOMM CEO Marc Eisenberg said: “We are the first IoT company to support Controlled Atmosphere containers, which will take intermodal operations to a higher level of operational efficiency and compliance while ensuring optimal care for high-value, perishable cargo.”

For additional information about ORBCOMM’s support of Controlled Atmosphere containers, see the official announcement made at Intermodal Europe 2019.

Read more on the ORBCOMM blog: Unit 45 Pioneers Smart Containers for the New Silk Road.

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