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Container shipping is changing, as new technologies are opening up global supply chains like never before. Soon, shipping lines will wonder how they operated without having complete end-to-end visibility of their assets. Through IoT technology, shipping lines will not only know the location of every asset in their arsenal, but they can also monitor specific parameters including temperature, humidity and even the opening or closing of container doors.

Container ship loaded and at sea

Free Webinar: The Smart Dry Container is Here

Recently, we hosted a webinar to dive deep into where the dry container shipping industry is today, and where it’s headed soon. Led by ORBCOMM’s VP of Business Development for Container and Port Solutions Al Tama, the webinar “The Smart Dry Container is Here” discusses the modern face of container shipping in its current state and what shipping lines can expect to receive by adopting dry container telematics within their fleet.

Al is an industry expert on this subject, with over two decades of experience in supplying shipping lines and other maritime stakeholders with vital solutions. He has seen first-hand the industry gaps in visibility, transparency and data interoperability, and also knows where the industry is heading with innovative technology at the helm.

A recording of the webinar is now available on demand. In it, you’ll learn about:

  • ORBCOMM’s pioneering role in the maritime industry
  • The current state of affairs for shipping lines
  • The biggest problems that the industry is facing
  • The evolution from reefer container monitoring to dry
  • The value of open data interoperability for compliance and benchmarking
  • Hapag-Lloyd and ORBCOMM’s leadership in dry container shipping telematics

Interested in watching? Click this link to discover the current state of affairs for the industry and how technology is leading the charge into the future.

Want to learn more about our maritime solutions? Check out our brochure on smart container telematics.

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