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ORBCOMM is at SEADEVCON this week in Hamburg, Germany. The event features an AIS Summit on how current and future tracking and visibility technology can be used for fuel and emission savings, anti-pollution, against overfishing, and to support sustainability.

ais data advantagesVisitors will hear ORBCOMM’s George Best speak on the challenges for AIS and IoT technology when there is a high density of small ships (typically using AIS Class B) usually near ports and near shore fishing areas. Tracking these vessels is particularly important since it’s estimated that about 85 percent of the world’s motorized fishing vessels are less than 12m in length and these small vessels dominate in all regions. To better manage fish stocks globally, these fleets need to be tracked.

Traditional solutions bring data from AIS ground stations and AIS satellites together to detect and track these ships. When there is a high density of ships with corresponding high levels of AIS traffic, detection and reception of these transmissions becomes difficult. A better solution is required. The best way to ensure reliable tracking of small vessels independent of ship density and AIS traffic levels is to add another tracking modality to the dual mode AIS Class B equipment.

Adding satellite M2M tracking to a dual mode (terrestrial and satellite) Class B AIS transceiver creates a tri-mode transceiver that solves the problem of AIS messages not being received. This is a robust solution based on tried and proven technology as opposed to gimmicks that purport to resolve problems posed by the physics of radio and satellite communication.

George will discuss the problem and propose solutions to ensure that these ships are accurately tracked so that maritime authorities and enforcement agencies have another tool they can use to enforce fishing regulations and help put an end to IUU fishing.

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