Third-party Verification Announced for ORBCOMM’s ELD Devices

ORBCOMM ELD devices have been independently tested and validated by FPInnovations, also known as the PIT Group, to confirm that it fully adheres to ELD device guidelines as set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

The PIT Group, one of the leading objective providers of testing and process certification has been working with ORBCOMM in recent weeks to ensure the Pro-400 has been rigorously tested and fully meets the FMCSA’s ELD regulation.

The FMCSA which introduced the ELD mandate in 2017, with a two-year phase-in period, allows companies to self-certify their devices. Some ELD providers have chosen to seek third-party verification to deliver extra confidence for their customers in achieving compliance.

This third-party verification will give further peace of mind to fleet owners, that their ELD solutions are fully compliant with the FMCSA guideline, with just a few months to go until the final phase of the ELD Mandate. By December 2019, all drivers and carriers will be obliged to replace their Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AOBRDs) with registered ELDs. The aim of the ELD mandate is to create a safer and better work environment for drivers. ELDs will make it easier to accurately and transparently track and share Hours of Service (HOS) records.

Jan Michaelsen, Leader of the PIT Group says: “PIT Group continues to provide independent testing services to ELD providers in the U.S. to ensure that fleets do not carry the burden of choice when it comes to selecting compliant ELD devices. ORBCOMM, like our other clients, has relied on independent verification, providing its clients with the comfort of knowing that their choice of technology is fully compliant with FMCSA requirements. PIT Group is preparing for the Canadian ELD certification process and will apply its experience and lessons learned from working with U.S. providers to the Canadian process.”

3rd party verified ELD

Spotlight on Self-Certification for ELD Devices

There has been a renewed focus in recent weeks on third-party certification for ELD, partially as a result of the Canadian ELD announcement. After consultation Canadian officials announced that all ELDs to be used there must be third-party certified, noting that some industry stakeholders expressed concern around the self-certification process.

ORBCOMM’s Executive Vice President of Product Development, Craig Malone says: “the PIT Group’s third-party ELD verification is a unique differentiator for ORBCOMM, which sets us above other providers with self-certified ELDs. We want to ensure our customers have confidence that they are deploying certified ELD devices in the field that will deliver a strong ROI and the highest level of performance for the long term.” He added: “We are pleased to work with the PIT Group experts and leverage their comprehensive knowledge of the trucking industry and ELD regulations to ensure that our Pro-400 fleet management solution is 100% ELD compliant.”

The Rules are Clear

If a driver is found to be without an ELD on the road, or an ELD that fails to meet standards, there are repercussions for them and the carrier. Failure to produce logs when requested by an official can result in citations for the driver, and penalties and fines for the carrier, including impacting the CSA scores.

For more information about the upcoming transition from AOBRDs to ELDs and how truck fleets can migrate easily with minimal disruption, click here for ORBCOMM’s free, on-demand webinar with the Truckload Carriers Association and learn how to Smooth Your Ride from AOBRDs to ELDs.

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