Introducing the ST 9101—the latest model of our dual-mode terminal 

An image of an ST 9101

While it may be true that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, the parts still matter. To build a powerful IoT solution, you need world-class hardware that can support your applications and deliver ROI for your customers. 

The ST 9101 dual-mode terminal does just that, providing all the same comprehensive features and functionalities of previous models with some key improvements that will help you and your customers. 

Strengthened IoT security with cellular jamming detection 

Cellular network jamming is a major security concern for some IoT solution customers as it can compromise their assets, their data and potentially their business. Our newest ST 9100 model can help alleviate these worries by detecting jamming attempts and triggering alerts that can help spur solution providers’ customers to take immediate action. 

Better cellular connectivity with optional antenna 

The difference between poor and strong cellular reception can make a big difference when it comes to connectivity costs for your customersespecially for IoT applications that use large amounts of data. Our new ST 9101 dual-mode terminal has an optional IP67-rated antenna that delivers better gain and cellular reception, reducing the need to rely on satellite connectivity which is more expensive.  

Deployable in harsh environments 

Photo of a mining operation

For government and military applications, only the most trusted and powerful IoT hardware will suffice. With the HERO-certified ST 9101 terminal, solutions providers can rest assured that they’re building with a device that will support mission-critical applications in virtually any area of operation. 

Improved cellular data pricing with AT&T Global 

With the ST 9101 terminal comes a new cellular connectivity partner in AT&T Global, and access to better pricing and global coverage. When combined with our optional antenna, which can improve cellular reception, solutions providers can further reduce data costs for dual-mode solutions by having to rely less on switching over to satellite connectivity. 

More memory than ever 

Solution providers can do a lot with an extra 32 MB of device memory. Having this level of performance can unlock new use cases that were previously too memory-intensive to support. This will be especially attractive when OGx—our next-generation satellite IoT service that’s compatible with the ST 9101 and our other current ST series devices—releases later this year, featuring faster message delivery and larger message sizes than our current satellite service.  

You can learn more about the new ST 9101 terminal by reading our datasheet. 

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