Get Staff Behind Driver-Facing Cameras 

For fleet managers, the benefits of driver-facing cameras are clear: remote visibility into any cab in a fleet at any time. However, when we see the data on driver adoption, things get a bit muddied. The thought of having your boss over your shoulder judging your performance can be stressful for many. 

According to a survey by Together for Safer Roads, drivers stated being monitored while working was the top concern that they had when it came to in-cab camera technology (28%), followed by worrying about video being shared with others, recording occurring in private areas (17%) or during idle time (16%). While the data shows the clear benefits of using camera technology, the fear of retention issues is keeping fleets at bay. 

Here are a few tips on how you can get drivers onboard with in-cab camera technology. 

Start With an Open Conversation 

Fleet managers should have open communication with their drivers about how in-cab camera footage will be used, where it will be stored and who will have access to it. Transparency with employees will show that everyone is on the same team. Talking about the purpose of in-cab cameras and what they monitor can help alleviate anxiety for drivers around being watched behind the wheel. With proper communication, drivers can see the driver-facing cameras for what they are: a tool to improve performance and safety, not a way for fleet managers to spy on them. 

Show the Benefits 

Driver-facing cameras benefit more than just fleet managers. Starting with how driver-facing cameras benefit drivers first and foremost can help lead the conversation down the right path. While coaching based on camera footage may be necessary for some drivers to improve safety, others who consistently practice safe driving can rest assured knowing that their good behaviour is on good display, potentially leading to increased compensation or recognition. 

Spur Friendly Competition 

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There’s more than one way to motivate drivers. Finding the solution that works for your fleet—whether it’s a competition built around safety or basing pay increases on driver performance—can drive adoption across the board. With this, camera footage can represent ways that drivers can improve their chances of winning, rather than them being scolded by their manager for unsafe driving. 

Support Privacy Concerns 

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While fleet safety is a valid reason to monitor drivers behind the wheel, allowing virtually anyone to view this data can make the purpose of the technology seem disingenuous. An easy way to lighten drivers’ worries surrounding camera technology and being monitored would be to ensure it’s being accessed in a purposeful way. Showing the value that the fleet receives from their contributions can underline how the video footage is impacting fleet safety and productivity. 

Keep Drivers Happy with ORBCOMM Technology 

Thanks for reading! We hope these tips can help your fleet in deploying driver-facing cameras. While you’re here, click here to learn more about our intelligent camera technology. 

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