Driver Retention: 3 Ways to Reboot your Strategy

Truck driving down a winter road.

For many fleets, the biggest obstacle they’re facing isn’t rising diesel costs or dysfunctional supply chains but driver retention. In 2020, driver turnover rates for fleets earning more than $30m in annual revenue were a staggering 92%, with smaller carriers coming in at 72%.  

Drivers play a crucial role in the way we live and work; this is especially clear this week as we celebrate National Drivers Appreciation Day. While there isn’t a simple solution to drive retention, steps can be taken to make your fleet more attractive to talent.

Support Safety Initiatives

Drivers who question their safety and well-being behind the wheel are likely in the market for new employment. A fleet owner’s most important job is to ensure that drivers are taken care of. Driver safety can take form in several ways, from proactive maintenance scheduling that ensures equipment is functioning properly, to driver coaching that recognizes and remedies unsafe driving behavior.

Incentivize, Incentivize, Incentivize

Everyone likes to know they’re doing a good job, and drivers are no exception. Not only can rewarding drivers for their performance strengthen owner-driver relationships, but it can also encourage drivers to adopt fleet initiatives involving customer reviews, safe miles driven, fuel economy, road safety, fleet inspections and more. Drivers seeing that the work they do is recognized can help keep them from looking for a new job.

Visual performance indicators—such as a Driver of the Month program or a trophy—can help provide long-lasting recognition. Plus, it can gamify the process for drivers, leading to friendly competition within the fleet.

Today’s Technology

No fleet wants to be left in the dust when it comes to technology adoption. The opportunity to use the latest technology can go a long way in attracting talent. Deploying a modern in-cab device can make drivers’ lives easier by eliminating some of the manual tasks that make up a driver’s day.

Tech can support other retention strategies as well by acting as a channel. Drivers can hear coaching in the cab, helping them recognize how they’re performing relative to their driver safety KPI.

Digitalizing documentation such as driver vehicle inspection reports (DVIRs) is one of the fastest ways to a driver’s heart. Removing paper logs saves valuable time and simplifies dispatch, maintenance and other areas of the business.

Picture of a Chief Express transport truck

Finding a technology provider that can help you boost driver retention can be a great help. Chief Express was searching for a solution with a strong driver interface, clear insights and a cross-communications channel for all business units. Eventually, they found their partner—ORBCOMM.

“What drew my eye to the ORBCOMM solution is the convenience and simplicity, which helps driver retention,” said Victor van Kuilenburg, Chief Express Director of Safety and Human Resources.

Through this partnership, Chief Express has simplified Hours of Service management, enhanced trailer tracking capabilities and, most importantly, provided their drivers with a solution built for them first. To learn more about how ORBCOMM technology can help fleets keep their drivers happy, send us a message today.

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