Combatting cargo theft: protect your fleet and freight with telematics

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Cargo theft has been on the rise—reaching unprecedented highs in recent years. With a 57% increase in incidents in North America in 2023 compared to the previous year, it’s an alarming trend that isn’t showing signs of slowing down.

According to the FBI, cargo theft losses in the United States are estimated to be $15-35 billion a year. However, the consequences of cargo theft aren’t just limited to revenue. It can cause companies to pay higher insurance premiums and lead to significant operational disruptions as well. That means delayed shipments and unhappy customers, resulting in damaged reputation and loss of credibility.

Telematics to the rescue—how IoT technology can play a part in curbing cargo theft

Here’s how ORBCOMM telematics solutions, powered by IoT technology, can help fleets stay ahead of cargo theft.

Location tracking and geofencing technology

With ORBCOMM, fleet managers can remotely monitor every vehicle—even those outside of cellular reach—for uninterrupted asset visibility. These solutions include easy-to-install asset tracking devices that can provide current and historical location data and asset status, including starts and stops, allowing fleet managers to be in the know on the whereabouts of their vehicles and cargo.

ORBCOMM fleet management solutions also enable carriers to setup geofencesvirtual boundaries around designated areas that detect unauthorized movements or deviations of vehicles from the planned route. With geofencing, alerts can be triggered if a vehicle enters a high-risk area or makes any unscheduled stops, helping you monitor your fleet’s activity.

Stay in control with sensor technology

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ORBCOMM cargo tracking solutions incorporate door sensors that detect when container or trailer doors are opened and closed. If unauthorized door openings occur, alerts can be sent to personnel so they can take swift action to investigate. Cargo camera sensors, when paired with door sensors, also provide enhanced visibility into cargo status with when trailer doors are opened.

Recovering stolen assets

With access to location data, fleet operations managers can supply law enforcement with the information they need to recover their stolen assets. Carriers could also combine geofencing with a video monitoring system to help reduce the burden of proof and better protect their fleet from theft. By analyzing historical data, traffic patterns, and security insights, fleets can proactively plan routes that prioritize safety and security while ensuring timely and efficient deliveries.

IoT technology can help you stay in complete control of your fleet so you can maximize security and efficiency and minimize losses and uncertainty. Learn more about how telematics can provide you with powerful tools to counter cargo theft and protect your assets and drivers.

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