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We’re always working to provide more tools and resources to value-added resellers and IoT solution developers so they can build better products faster and easier. Our latest terminal application for Heavy CAN Bus helps jumpstart IoT solution development, enabling new functionality with no programming required. 

ORBCOMM terminal apps run on our terminals to provide a variety of functions without requiring custom code. They can help quicken time to market, reduce technical requirements and unlock new capabilities for IoT solutions. 

While there are countless use cases where our Heavy CAN Bus app can play a role, here are a few examples of where it shines. 

Proactive maintenance 

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Industries with expensive equipment, such as agriculture, forestry, construction and heavy equipment can benefit from improved equipment longevity.

In an IoT maintenance solution, the Heavy CAN Bus app can help monitor and report diagnostic messages, engine usage and service hours. This data can help managers reduce unplanned downtime, increase equipment lifespan and potentially protect drivers from operating unsafe equipment. 

Asset utilization 

Squeezing more productivity out of each machine in your fleet can pay dividends. In heavy equipment, the data collected from the Heavy CAN Bus app can be used to optimize production using parameters such as speed, idle time, number of sessions, number of session interruptions and the amount of fuel consumed. Using this data, they can create benchmarks and find operational weaknesses.

Not only does this reduce costs but it can also help right-size fleets. It can be difficult to determine if a fleet has too many or too few vehicles. Uncovering the true operational output data can paint a clearer picture. 

Fuel savings 

With the app, IoT solution developers can help their customers save on one of their largest expenses: fuel. By monitoring the fuel consumption of heavy machinery engines, customers can determine which routes are more fuel-efficient so that each litre is spent wisely.  

Edge analytics 

Data offers no shortage of benefits to businesses. However, collecting too much data can be expensive. Each step of the process—collecting, transmitting and storing—comes at a cost. With edge analytics, some data can be processed by the terminal, while important data can be prioritized, saving on the amount that needs to be transmitted and stored. Not only does this reduce unnecessary overhead, but it can be more secure than sending data over networks that can be vulnerable. 

Build better with ORBCOMM’s Heavy CAN Bus app 

With our new terminal app, we’re continuing to serve value-added resellers and IoT solution developers with pioneering IoT technology. Whether you’re creating an IoT solution for agriculture, transportation, construction management, maritime or more, our Heavy CAN Bus app can help provide the key capabilities your customers are looking for. 

Send us a message today to learn more about how you can incorporate the Heavy CAN Bus app into your solutions. 

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