HOS Rule Changes: Educate Drivers with this New Visor Card

The HOS Rule Changes are only 10 days away; will your drivers know what to do when the rules kick in on September 29?

To help make this rule change easier for drivers and fleet managers alike, ORBCOMM has developed this visor card aimed at drivers. It’s available to print, download on your cellphone, share by email or mobile. We want to ensure the safety and compliance of the entire transportation community. Feel free to share with any drivers, employees or partners who may find it useful.

(Download and Print Visor Card) (Download Mobile Version)

The FMCSA will implement four major updates to Hours of Service rules for commercial drivers on September 29. The visor card includes information on these rule changes that impact:

  • The 30-minute Break Rule
  • The Sleeper Berth Provision
  • Adverse Driving Condition Exception
  • Short-haul Exception

Live Q & A

If you’ve got more questions, you should join our live Q&A about the rule changes. Join our ELD expert Scott Stofer on Thursday, September 24, at 3pm EDT. He’ll be answering your questions live.

Live Q&A: HOS Rule Change
Thursday, September 24, 3p.m. EDT
Attend on Your Platform of Choice:

Chris MacDonald

Chris MacDonald is ORBCOMM’s Vice President, Transportation Solutions Sales

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2 comments on “HOS Rule Changes: Educate Drivers with this New Visor Card
  1. Avatar Charlie says:

    If I split my hours and do 7/3 how many hours can I drive before pulling to take the 3hours break to make it 10 total

  2. Scott Stofer Scott Stofer says:

    Hi Charlie, By the 11 Driving Hour they have to start the 3 Hours short segment. The split pauses the clock on the 14 Hour driving window so the 14 Hour driving window would be extended by 7 hours but you can still only have 11 hours that you can drive. Hope this helps, thanks for your comment.

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