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IoT Router Solutions: 4 Key Networking Considerations

If you have a business that requires wireless LTE connectivity for low- or high-bandwidth situations, internet failover, or in-vehicle networks, there are several things to consider before choosing a solution that can save you headaches in the long term. The

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Hurricane Business Continuity: Wireless Failover Keeps You Connected When Disaster Strikes

For businesses on the U.S. East coast, hurricane disaster is a real possibility every year. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy became the second costliest superstorm in America’s history, impacting over 300,000 US businesses with assessed damages in the range of $75 billion USD.

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Business Continuity: Taking Wireless Failover to the Next Level

Today, everything is connected. Whether it’s a vehicle fleet connected to a central server, digital signage scattered throughout the city, point of sale devices at distributed retail locations or simply the primary network at a company’s headquarters, uninterrupted network connectivity

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The Future of IoT and Wireless Innovation at CTIA Super Mobility Week

ORBCOMM is once again gearing up for CTIA Super Mobility Week—North America’s largest forum for mobile innovation taking place from Sep. 7 – 9 in Las Vegas. Visit ORBCOMM booth 4837 and schedule a meeting with us to see how

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Out-of-Band Management (OOBM): Up with Uptime, Down with Costs

If we examine what keeps the gears of an enterprise turning, we’d probably look to the people. From people come the innovative ideas, planning, strategies and the execution of business objectives. People are the face of the company to the

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Discover the ROI of 4G LTE Failover at Cisco Live 2016

In a world where 100% network uptime is not only expected, but critical for businesses, having a safeguard to your primary connection in place is more important than ever before. Network outages can lead to potential loss of revenue, damage

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Wireless Failover: 3 Reasons to Choose for Business Continuity

It is often said that nothing is certain, except death and taxes. But in the age of connectivity, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t agree with adding network outages to that list. Let’s face it, we live in

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