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Data-Driven Understanding and Driver Retention are Key for Transportation Companies to Emerge Stronger from COVID-19

Every transportation business in the US and Canada has faced its challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. As fleets attempted to maintain a revenue stream, they were forced to amend employment procedures to combat virus transmission, change lane and trip policies

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Satellite IoT Solutions for the Middle East: Free Live Webinar Coming June 29

We’re excited to join our partners at Inmarsat for a new webinar on satellite IoT solutions in the Energy, Transportation and Aid & NGO sectors in the Middle East.   Our experts will join the panel to talk about how satellite IoT solutions are enabling organizations to

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What Are Fleets Waiting for? AOBRDs to ELDs: 75% of Fleets Yet to Move

It may be surprising, but over 75% of fleets are still using AOBRDs, with just seven months before the start of phase three of the FMCSA’s ELD implementation plan. That’s according to respondents in our recent webinar on making the transition

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