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Mining Company Cuts Costs by 80% with Remote Monitoring of Groundwater Levels

The following Case Study is by Pacific Data Systems, a leader in smart monitoring and control systems and ORBCOMM solution provider based in Brisbane, Australia. Download the full Case Study here. ConsultCorp* is a global group which provides practical solutions

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Remote Monitoring Best Practices: The Top 5 Challenges

The following excerpt is from the “Remote Monitoring Best Practice Guide” published by Australia’s Pacific Data Systems. Download the full Guide here. For those in industries that collect and analyse data, especially in hard to reach, extreme or fragile environments,

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Water Monitoring: Satellite M2M Technology Rising to Industry Challenges

Water monitoring is increasingly becoming a challenge for energy companies, governments and other industry stakeholders trying to find smarter ways to automate water meter readings, monitor water levels, detect leaks and manage water quality. While the challenge is more acute

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Water Monitoring: Brazilian Company Turns to Satellite for Telemetry Applications

Brazil is experiencing one of the worst droughts in its history. Not only are millions of residents facing daily water shutoffs, they are also experiencing rolling blackouts as there is not enough water for the country’s hydroelectric system to meet

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Droughts and Wildfires: The Burning Need for Remote Monitoring

In the wake of last summer’s droughts and wildfires that forced the government of British Columbia to impose strict water restrictions, it came to light that the province didn’t have a good understanding of the underground water supply it was

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Looking Back: 2014 M2M Remote Monitoring Predictions

As we get ready for a new year of covering the latest in M2M trends, let’s take a look back at our predictions from early 2014. All said and done, I think we did alright, with the bulk of these

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Water Monitoring: Will New California Regs Stop the Disappearing Act?

New legislation was passed last month that may just change the way that Californians treat their water. Designed to manage the state’s rapidly disappearing aquifers, the new regulations give local agencies the power to restrict groundwater pumping, shut down wells,

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Remote Monitoring of Biofilters for Better Water Management

The treatment and reuse of waste water is an integral part of any municipal water process.  In the same way, implementing the right remote monitoring solution is also an important component of a water management system. One North American city

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Satellite Monitoring for Remote Water Pumps in Ecuador

Interesting satellite water monitoring application highlighted over at, which improves efficiency, reduces site visits and helps people in need. The system uses satellite technology to “enable quicker detection of maintenance issues and to save unnecessary travel time and expense for

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