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Digital Container Shipping Association Starts Knocking Down Silos

The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) has released its first standards for data flows – an important first step in the process of ending the fragmentation that is holding back the development of digital technologies in the industry. In an

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Closing the Gap: How IoT Technology is Enabling Total Visibility of Refrigerated Containers at Sea

Refrigerated containers spend a large portion of their in-transit time at sea, where managing them poses a series of challenges. Crews are often unable to complete regular checks because of heavy workloads, unfavorable sea and weather conditions and the size

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Connected Ships: Remote Vessel Monitoring Improves Performance While Reducing Costs

Smart tracking and monitoring devices can now be found in all kinds of industrial assets—heavy equipment, industrial machines, reefers, trailers, containers, and more. Gartner estimates 8.4 billion connected things are in use today, with the number expected to climb to

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Container Supply Chain Visibility: Filling the Traceability Gap for Vessels at Sea

As supply chains become more complex and globalized across road, rail, water, ports, and yards, it is more important than ever for shipping lines to have end-to-end visibility of their containers and the cargo they carry from the point of

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