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GPS Tracking in the World’s Harshest Terrain: Rhino Charge 2017

ORBCOMM devices and connectivity are designed to handle even the toughest demands of non-stop real-time security, safety and tracking in some of Africa’s most extreme locations. How rugged? Every year, ORBCOMM’s dual-mode cellular-satellite IDP-782 device is put through extreme data requirements

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Fleet Tracking: Top 10 Things to Look For in a Dual-Mode Device

While some fleet managers opt for tracking devices that communicate solely over cellular networks, many are choosing dual-mode satellite-cellular devices because they offer a service guarantee that is not attainable with cellular-only devices: the ability to communicate over both cellular and

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Mining Vehicle Telematics with Fuel Level Monitoring Delivering Big ROI

Los Pelambres mine, located in Salamanca, Chile, is the seventh largest producer of copper in the world and sits at an elevation of over 3,000 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountains. More than 365,000 tons of copper is

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Onshore to Offshore: How M2M is Changing the Oil & Gas World

Oil and Gas companies are forging ahead with their Digital Oilfield initiatives as they look to reduce operating costs and keep profits up. M2M is a key technology enabler and here are a few examples of how it is helping

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IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems) Keep Drivers Safe When Off the Beaten Path

For anyone involved in vehicle tracking, driver safety, or managing equipment costs, IVMS is an acronym you’re likely to become a lot more familiar with in the coming year—that is, if you haven’t deployed an IVMS already. In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems

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Dual-Mode Tracking Aids Brazilian’s Trade Mission Across 35 Countries

Equipped with his ideas, his unique style and a bright yellow van complete with a hybrid tracking solution, Brazilian entrepreneur Klaus Nixdorf traversed 35 countries in the Americas to spur dialogue on trade and opportunities in his own country. For

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