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Why Satellite for IoT? 6 Key Advantages

Satellite is undergoing a renaissance of late, where we’ve seen a number of constellation renewals as well as a lot of talk of new constellations. The big difference from earlier commercial satellite deployments is that these new constellations now have

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Remote Monitoring Best Practices: 5 Real World Scenarios

The following excerpt is from the “Remote Monitoring Best Practice Guide” published by Australia’s Pacific Data Systems. Download the full Guide here. The applications for off-the-shelf, ‘plug & play’ remote monitoring systems are broad, limited only by the range of

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IoT Devices Panel: The Latest in Solution-Enabling Hardware (Video)

There is no end to the options available today for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, modems sensors and other hardware to power modern IoT solutions.  Hosted by 151 Advisors, APP-SOLUTELY IoT was a half-day seminar at CTIA Super Mobility 2016 that explored

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Mobile Workforce Trends: (In-Field) Information is Power

It’s no secret that transportation, utility and energy are witnessing significant gains by deploying mobile field service solutions that increase productivity and profitably while decreasing costs. But according to a new study by the Aberdeen Group entitled Service Lifecycle Excellence: Resolution at

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