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Sensors, Satellite, Smart Apps and Shipper Visibility: Welcome to the Future of Containers

Tracking and monitoring technology is hardly a novel idea when thinking of the future of containers, but recent trends and technical advancements have accelerated an industry shift towards the increasing use of sensor-based Internet of Things (IoT) telematics devices and

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Sensor-Based Fleet Telematics is on the Rise: Here’s Why

Sensor-based fleet telematics utilization is on the rise in the transportation industry, and is helping carriers of all sizes boost their bottom line, improve driver satisfaction and increase security. Just ten years ago, many companies couldn’t see ROI in telematics

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RFID As a Service: Core vs. Context

Is the ownership/management/expertise of RFID tags, hardware, associated middleware, and application software core to your company, or is the resulting insight into business operations and decision support that the ensuing location and timely data core to how you run your

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Remote Monitoring Best Practices: 5 Real World Scenarios

The following excerpt is from the “Remote Monitoring Best Practice Guide” published by Australia’s Pacific Data Systems. Download the full Guide here. The applications for off-the-shelf, ‘plug & play’ remote monitoring systems are broad, limited only by the range of

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5 Ways To Improve Communication in Mining

Mining sites are often located in some of the most remote locations in the world. These outlying locations make communication difficult when attempting to successfully connect people, equipment and the enterprise system via cellular or radio technology. However, going without

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Remote Monitoring and Big Data at the Core of SCADA Centers

GE is taking their remote monitoring services to a whole new level. The machinery giant has opened three facilities around the world to provide 24 x 7 real-time monitoring and diagnostic services for its global base of 800 gas turbines

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