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IoT Technology Roundup: Setting the Standard for Modems, Devices and Connectivity

Last year was a transformative time in terms of technology, devices and connectivity for our Internet of Things (IoT) solution providers, and started on the heels of the historic launch of our new OG2 satellites, which have helped us provide

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Mining Company Trusts Satellite to Ensure Compliance while Lowering Costs/Risk

The following Case Study is by Pacific Data Systems, a leader in smart monitoring and control systems and ORBCOMM solution provider based in Brisbane, Australia. Download the full Case Study here. MineCo* is a global mining company that specializes in

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Louisiana Flooding Illuminates the Need for Satellite Backup Communications

Deadly flooding in Louisiana is stretching state emergency response efforts to their limits, as officials and residents not only contend with floodwaters but also a widespread cellular network outage in large parts of Louisiana, Oklahoma and other areas. As is

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Satellite IoT Comes Out of its Niche: Live Webinar

It’s becoming easier than ever to integrate higher-end satellite connectivity with cellular and other technologies, and in doing so, to instantly increase the footprint and reliability of your connectivity solution many fold. At the same time, new service offerings not

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Mandatory AIS for All Vessels?

A study was published recently in the magazine Science calling for wider usage of Automatic Identification System (AIS) to track fishing activity. Governments are attempting to manage global fishing resources in a sustainable fashion, but these resources are in fact being

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Water Monitoring: Satellite M2M Technology Rising to Industry Challenges

Water monitoring is increasingly becoming a challenge for energy companies, governments and other industry stakeholders trying to find smarter ways to automate water meter readings, monitor water levels, detect leaks and manage water quality. While the challenge is more acute

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ORBCOMM Moving Forward with Fast Start to 2016

From new customer wins, to executing on large customer deployments such as HUB Group and Wal-Mart, to the integration of three acquisitions, to continued innovation and exciting product launches, as well as the completion of the OG2 satellite constellation, ORBCOMM’s

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AIS: New OG2 Satellites Enable Near Real-Time Vessel Monitoring

On December 21, 2015, ORBCOMM launched the second satellite installment of our next generation OG2 constellation. Eyes from all over the world witnessed the historic SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch (and subsequent landing), and the successful placement of 11 additional

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OG2 Update: All 11 Satellites Processing Customer Traffic, Being Positioned in Proper Orbits

We continue to make significant progress on our OG2 launch operations. All 11 OG2 satellites have been turned on and are successfully processing customer message traffic. We are also continuing to conduct propulsion maneuvers to position the satellites into the

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Improving Smart Grid Management with Satellite Monitoring

Utility companies are constantly seeking new ways to improve field data reliability and availability, especially in countries like Brazil, where 70% of all energy is produced by hydroelectric power plants. Smart grids are a reality in developed countries but are

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