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Fleet Safety and Compliance: Why Voice Coaching is Vital for Sand Revolution

“Every week prior to implementation, one of our trucks seemed to be involved in a crash, and this has almost entirely stopped.” David Woods, Fleet Team Leader at Sand Revolution. Preview in new tab(opens in a new tab) The Permian-basin

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7 Oil & Gas Assets that Need Remote Monitoring

Oil and gas sites require a lot of equipment that often operates in remote locations, making it challenging for energy companies to keep track of operations. To manage some of these complexities, operators are deploying devices that monitor and collect

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7 bienes de la industria del petróleo y gas que requieren la supervisión a distancia

Las empresas de la industria energética saben que la supervisión a distancia del equipo vital es esencial para lograr la fiabilidad y rentabilidad. Con el sistema de supervisión adecuado, las empresas de energía pueden conseguir información pre-determinada de la producción

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