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AIS: New OG2 Satellites Enable Near Real-Time Vessel Monitoring

On December 21, 2015, ORBCOMM launched the second satellite installment of our next generation OG2 constellation. Eyes from all over the world witnessed the historic SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch (and subsequent landing), and the successful placement of 11 additional

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OG2 Update: All 11 Satellites Processing Customer Traffic, Being Positioned in Proper Orbits

We continue to make significant progress on our OG2 launch operations. All 11 OG2 satellites have been turned on and are successfully processing customer message traffic. We are also continuing to conduct propulsion maneuvers to position the satellites into the

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OG2 Update: In Orbit Testing Complete

We are excited to announce that we are continuing to make solid progress on our OG2 launch operations. Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) recently completed in orbit testing on all 11 OG2 satellites to verify that the satellite hardware is operating

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“The Falcon has Landed”: Recap of Falcon 9 Launch and Landing

SpaceX has put together this new, dramatic video of ORBCOMM’s OG2 Mission 2 launch, including the Falcon 9 Stage 1 landing and satellite deployment…

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ORBCOMM OG2 Mission 2 Launch Update

January 8, 2016 Here is an update on the status of ORBCOMM’s 11 OG2 satellites.  SpaceX put us within a fraction of a degree in inclination and 5 kilometers in altitude of the intended orbit. Credit to SpaceX on a second virtually flawless

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Maritime Domain Awareness: Turning Data into Action with Satellite AIS

Thanks to the launch of a number of commercial and unclassified earth observation and sensor satellites over the last few years, coupled with the advancement of software and data analytics to work with the data they collect, the use of

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