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VAR Spotlight: PT Megah Surya Persada

Tackling transparency in fishing Indonesia-based PT Megah Surya Persada (MSP) uses ORBCOMM’s satellite service to bring transparency and regulatory compliance to the local fishing industry through vessel tracking. Indonesia is one of the largest fish producers in the world, making

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AIS Data Helping Improve Artisanal Fishing Safety in Local Communities

Fishing is probably the most dangerous occupation in the world, and the people affected by accidents at sea are often among the poorest in society. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that of the four million fishing vessels worldwide,

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Mandatory AIS for All Vessels?

A study was published recently in the magazine Science calling for wider usage of Automatic Identification System (AIS) to track fishing activity. Governments are attempting to manage global fishing resources in a sustainable fashion, but these resources are in fact being

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VMS for SOS: Satellite-based Vessel Monitoring System Keeps Crews Safe and Connected

A crew member from a Mexican shrimping boat was able to receive timely medical attention last year, following a fall that left him with severe head trauma while working aboard the ship. Fast response was made possible by a vessel monitoring

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Satellite AIS Data Steers Another Vessel to Illegal Fishing List

Satellite AIS has once again proved its worth in helping organizations identify suspect fishing vessels operating outside of their jurisdictions. The latest vessel to land on the illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) list is the Pacific Andes’ flagship factory trawler

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