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LERS Leading the Way in the Battle Against Emissions – Q and A 

In the UK, Transport remains the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gases. Latest figures released this week, show that while overall figures are down by 3%, emissions are still a huge problem and transportation plays a major part in this.  

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How to Improve Fleet Safety Using Anticipation

Driver and fleet safety is a top priority for trucking companies today. With driver retention a hot topic for most carriers, it’s crucial that drivers feel safe on the road. Plus, fleet safety can impact a fleet’s profit as well

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Fleet Safety Talk: Life Behind the Wheel in the Oilfield

Driving is quite honestly something that we just take for granted every day. Why you ask? Because it’s become habit. When we climb into our company oilfield cars, trucks and SUVs, our brains are filled with a thousand different thoughts

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Improve Driver Retention by Adding Technology to Your Trailer Operation

Driver shortages and high turnover are some of the key challenges facing the trucking industry today. In 2014, the American Trucking Association (ATA) estimated a shortage of 30,000 drivers in the US, with the numbers expected to grow to a

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems + Telematics = Improved Driver Safety

Imagine being able to warn drivers of upcoming dangers on the road before they arise, all the while capturing this data to inform a broader driver monitoring and improvement program. What was once a futuristic idea is now reality thanks

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Trucking Telematics Key to NTSB’s “Most Wanted” Driver Safety Improvements

Matt Cole at CCJ put together a concise and informative roundup of the top recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board, of which six have an impact on the trucking industry. Several of these recommendations can be met with the

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New Backup Battery and Emergency Voice Keeps Drivers Safe and Connected

In past posts, we’ve highlighted the advanced fleet management capabilities of the SkyWave IDP-782—ORBCOMM’s integrated, dual-mode communications terminal that delivers reliable connectivity to assets moving in and out of cellular range. Reliable, always-on communications via both cellular and satellite enables

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Look Ma, No Hands! The Future of Self-Drive Trucking

Freightliner (owned by Daimler) just announced that it has received approval to allow its self-driving tractor-trailer to self-drive on public highways in Nevada. This is not the same as a driverless truck—drivers are still required to be ready to take

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Tracking the Safety of Mining Workers in the Sub-Saharan Countryside

Any company operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) can tell you one thing with certainty – the country lacks some of the infrastructure that is needed for operating safely and efficiently. While it is a country with

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