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Are You IoT Ready? Find Out…

From wireless connectivity and embedded devices to software and sensor options, there are countless considerations to weigh before planning out your Internet of Things (IoT) solution. How do you know where to start, or if you’re even ready for an

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AIS Data Helping Protect Lives in High Seas and Altitudes

We live in a world with huge amounts of information and how that data is received and assimilated can have life or death consequences in certain situations. Information, much like building a house, must be framed properly in the context

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Into the Fire: Satellite Devices Keep Transmitting Critical Oil & Gas Data

Reliability and ruggedness are two must-have characteristics when deploying remote monitoring systems in hazardous environments, where you can pretty much expect the unexpected. VitalVu, a remote monitoring solution company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, takes no chances when

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Transforming Container Supply Chains with M2M and IoT Connectivity: Free White Paper

Technology to track containers, cargo and transport assets on the move has been around a long time in various guises, but today is part of an explosive global trend towards Machine-to-Machine (M2M) telematics devices and sensors, as part of the burgeoning Internet of

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Cold Chain and Food Logistics: Thriving in an Era of Competition and Compliance

Carriers and shippers of temperature-controlled cargo operate in an increasingly tough compliance environment, as governments and producers in the U.S. and around the world seek to safeguard people from the risks of contaminated, spoiled and counterfeit goods. Helping our transportation

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IoT Connectivity & Platforms Panel: Innovative Ways to Keep Your Assets Connected (Video)

With the plethora of hardware, connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) solution platforms available on the market today, connecting your IoT assets is at once easier and more daunting than ever before.  Hosted by 151 Advisors, APP-SOLUTELY IoT was a half-day

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Live Cold Chain Webinar: Handling Temperature-Controlled Shipments in a Competitive and Regulated Environment

Handling time- and temperature-sensitive food/beverage shipments in a highly competitive and regulated environment creates unique challenges for logistics partners and others that support the global cold chain. What are those challenges? How are they being addressed? Where do the opportunities

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