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Gerenciamento responsável de redes elétricas através da tecnologia satelital

Concessionárias de energia elétrica estão constantemente a procura de novas formas de melhorar a confiabilidade e a disponibilidade de dados de campo, principalmente em países como o Brasil, onde 70% da energia elétrica é gerada em hidrelétricas. Esses dados visam

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OG2 Update: Satellite Successfully Processes Customer Message Traffic

In-orbit testing continues to progress well. Yesterday, we turned on one of our OG2 satellites and started successfully processing customer message traffic. We will continue testing this single satellite for the next several days.  We expect to move forward with

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Cathodic Protection Systems: 4 Critical Measurement Terms

Recent ruptures and spills are once again casting light on the risks of oil transport and the important role of pipeline monitoring and cathodic protection systems. As more details emerge about the Nexen pipeline leak which saw more than 5 million liters

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Satellite Modems Setting the M2M Industry Standard

When it comes to implementing M2M applications, maximum flexibility plus minimum complexity is a good starting point for success. When looking at satellite applications specifically, factors such as latency, line of sight and antenna constraints, among others, make it doubly

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OG2 Update: In-Orbit Testing Complete, Satellites Almost Equally Spaced, Moving to Network Testing Phase

We are continuing to make solid progress on our OG2 launch operations. Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) completed In-Orbit Testing on all 11 OG2 satellites to verify that the satellite hardware is operating as designed. Many thanks to SNC and ORBCOMM’s

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“The Falcon has Landed”: Recap of Falcon 9 Launch and Landing

SpaceX has put together this new, dramatic video of ORBCOMM’s OG2 Mission 2 launch, including the Falcon 9 Stage 1 landing and satellite deployment…

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IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems) Keep Drivers Safe When Off the Beaten Path

For anyone involved in vehicle tracking, driver safety, or managing equipment costs, IVMS is an acronym you’re likely to become a lot more familiar with in the coming year—that is, if you haven’t deployed an IVMS already. In-Vehicle Monitoring Systems

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Are you FSMA Ready? What You Need to Know About Transporting Food

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is the most sweeping reform of U.S. food safety laws in more than 70 years. It aims to assure the safety of food throughout the supply chain through the introduction of new requirements

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ORBCOMM OG2 Mission 2 Launch Update

January 8, 2016 Here is an update on the status of ORBCOMM’s 11 OG2 satellites.  SpaceX put us within a fraction of a degree in inclination and 5 kilometers in altitude of the intended orbit. Credit to SpaceX on a second virtually flawless

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How M2M Can Help the Shipping Industry Reduce Emissions

According to the EU, emissions from maritime transport account for 3% of global greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050 this number is expected to rise to 5%, which is not in line with the internationally agreed goal to halve worldwide emissions

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