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Fog, Edge and the Internet of Things

Wireless broadband communications has been an integral part in the realization and proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT). Where terrestrial communications like fiber is not available, wireless communications like cellular and satellite have quickly stepped in to provide the

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How Satellite AIS Illuminates Global Fishing Activity

Satellite AIS (Automatic Identification System) data usage has evolved from simple collision avoidance and location tracking to more novel applications including maritime domain awareness, search and rescue, environmental monitoring, maritime intelligence and more. One such example is Global Fishing Watch—a

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Maritime Domain Awareness: Turning Data into Action with Satellite AIS

Thanks to the launch of a number of commercial and unclassified earth observation and sensor satellites over the last few years, coupled with the advancement of software and data analytics to work with the data they collect, the use of

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The Top Tracking Features Used by Dry Van and Mixed Fleets

From their favorite reports and alerts to the quality of our customer support team, our North American transportation customers recently had the opportunity to tell us how they were using our products and what they thought about them. Some results

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Global Petroleum Show: Reinvention Through Innovation

Global Petroleum Show 2015, one of the world’s largest oil & gas industry gatherings, is currently underway in Calgary, with emerging technologies and a diverse range of products and services on display for over 50,000 attendees from 100 countries. This year’s

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Fuel Monitoring with Telematics Pumps Money Back into Owner Pockets

Looking to promote the fuel efficiency their construction equipment, Caterpillar has recently launched a new program that is aimed to put gas money back in the pockets of heavy equipment owners. Called “Cat pays you back”, Caterpillar will—for a period of three

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What an Expanded Bluetooth Protocol Could Mean for Mesh Networking and IoT

Bluetooth’s recent announcement of expanding its protocol to include mesh networking is bound to be very exciting for Internet of Things (IoT) solution providers. An evolving protocol since 1994, earlier Bluetooth versions had progressed with faster data speeds and other

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IoT Among Key Connected World Trends on Display at CommunicAsia 2015

There is no stopping the connected world. Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast predicts that Machine-to-Machine (M2M) connections will grow from 24% to 43% of all Internet connections by 2019. Over the same period, the total number of Internet connections

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