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Adaptação das comunicações por satélite a aplicações de SCADA baseadas em eventos

Com o crescimento  da popularidade dos dispositivos de comunicação M2M via satélite para rastreamento, monitoramento e controle remotos, os integradores do sistema SCADA vêm empreendendo pesquisas para encontrar novas aplicações para essas alternativas de custo acessível para terminais de banda

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Adaptación de comunicaciones satelitales para aplicaciones SCADA basada en eventos

A medida que se ha incrementado la popularidad de los dispositivos satelitales M2M para el seguimiento, monitoreo y control remotos, los integradores de sistemas SCADA están cada vez más tratando de encontrar nuevas aplicaciones para estas alternativas de bajo costo

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Growth Estimated for M2M and IoT Sensors but What About Security?

Compass Intelligence has released its latest report on “Sensors in M2M & IoT: A Global Analysis for Growth Opportunities and Solutions” and here is a quick summary of what they say: Today the market is estimated at $5.2 billion and

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Food Safety, Cold Chain are Hot Topics for Retail Fleets

As part of Wal-Mart’s pledge to make its food system more eco-friendly and improve food safety, the nation’s large food retailer is urging its suppliers to stop using antibiotics on farm animals. According to Anne D’innocenzio, AP Retail Writer, the

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Satellite M2M for Event-Based SCADA Applications

As the popularity of satellite M2M devices for remote tracking, monitoring and control has increased, SCADA system integrators are increasingly trying to find new applications for these low-cost alternatives to satellite broadband terminals. At ORBCOMM, our system integrators in the

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Telematics a Recurring Theme at European Transportation Show

What is the current load on my axle? Is my trailer couple or uncoupled with the truck? What is the current temperature in the cooling body? These were just some of the telematics-related questions that OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) are

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Look Ma, No Hands! The Future of Self-Drive Trucking

Freightliner (owned by Daimler) just announced that it has received approval to allow its self-driving tractor-trailer to self-drive on public highways in Nevada. This is not the same as a driverless truck—drivers are still required to be ready to take

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Charting the Course for AIS and Big Data

I recently had the opportunity to attend the AIS Summit in Hamburg, Germany and I made some interesting observations about this maritime technology. Automatic Identification System (AIS) may have been originally designed for collision avoidance but of the over twenty

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AIS, Maritime Risk-Management and Ebola

AIS (Automatic Identification System) was first developed as a means to provide collision avoidance between nearby vessels. Any vessel larger than a certain size is required to transmit information such as speed, direction and position in order to provide situational awareness

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Solar Technology for Trailer and Container Tracking: What You Need to Know

Logistics and transportation companies are constantly looking for ways to improve operational efficiency and increase profitability. In an effort to meet the evolving needs of these customers, device manufacturers are turning to technological improvements and smarter engineering to deliver better

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