Transport Roundup: Spot Freight Rates, Trucking’s Fitness Guru and the ‘Internet of Things’

Here are some recent stories making headlines in the transportation world.

Spot freight market rates are on the rise
Freight-matching service provider DAT Solutions reported that the van segment saw a 3.2% increase in rates pushing it up to an average of $1.94 per mile. The average reefer rate gained 2.4% to $2.16 per mile while average flatbed rate fell slightly to $2.12 per mile.

U.S Spot Freight Retes

As if day-to-day business was not enough, Toronto commercial transport companies are facing an accounting nightmare
Commercial vehicles travelling on the all-electronic 407 Express Toll Route are sometimes being billed twice – once for the transponder on the tractor’s windshield and once for the license plate of the trailer that the truck is pulling. While disputes are being resolved, outstanding toll charges can be a real headache as the Ontario Ministry of Transportation can legally deny license plate renewal.

He isn’t Bob Harper but Siphiwe Baleka is changing the fitness level of the trucking industry
A driver for Prime Inc., an Ironman triathlete and swimming champion, Baleka is taking a new attitude towards health and fitness for the profession with the highest rate of obesity. With wearables like fitness-tracking armbands and apps, Baleka has drivers log their meals, track their physical activity levels and receive nutritional and fitness profiles. The initiative has not only changed driver behavior but also named Prime Inc. the healthiest company of the year in 2014 by Everyday Health.

Finally, Volvo AB presented its trends for the trucking industry at the Mid-America Trucking Show
In addition to increased safety and environmental goals, connectivity and being connected to the Internet of Things is a trend of the future. Improving fuel economy and reducing unplanned downtime in order to maintain the company’s reputation and customer relationships are just some of the drivers to embrace remote diagnostics and keep their trucks “on-line”.

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Chris MacDonald

Chris MacDonald is ORBCOMM’s Vice President, Transportation Solutions Sales

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