The (M2M) View from GITEX Technology Week

SkyWave at GITEX 2014

Our booth at GITEX

Given the enormity of the Middle East’s premier information/communication technology event, calling GITEX Technology Week 2014 a microcosm doesn’t seem quite right, but it certainly is its own ‘little’ world of game-changing innovation, showcasing the latest advancements that are shaping the global technology landscape, including the world of M2M/IoT.  Smart, cloud and big data are the three most used words on the GITEX show floor this year.

As an exhibitor and attendee at GITEX in Dubai, we’ve heard and seen a lot as we gear up for day 4 of the show. Here are some of the themes we’ve seen emerging in our discussions with M2M industry professionals:

Connectivity is King: Where GSM/cellular coverage was once thought of as ‘good enough’ for monitoring vehicles and equipment in some parts of the world, end-users are now realizing the real costs of blind spots and asking for more ubiquitous coverage of critical assets.

GITEX 2014

Not our booth at GITEX

Selling SSL: Recent news headlines have everyone asking how secure their data is in the cloud, and what tools and technologies can ensure that mission-critical data arrives safely and reliably. When discussing satellite network security, phrases like ‘SSL encrypted VPN circuits’ and ‘dedicated cryptographic components’ make visitors feel all warm and fuzzy.

Are You Tough Enough? As the variety and scope of M2M applications broaden, connected devices are finding their way into harsher climates and conditions. We’re hearing more questions about ruggedness, water/dust ingress and overall device durability.

Big Telecom Eyes M2M Potential: When you see M2M technology featured prominently in a presentation by a major telecoms company like UAE-based Etisalat, you know it’s gone mainstream.

New Uses for M2M: While most of the visitors to our booth are looking to learn more about fleet management and SCADA solutions, we’ve also been asked if our satellite-based devices can help connect everything from remote vacuum cleaners and suitcases to gliders and underwater equipment.

While satellite M2M may not be the right solution in all cases (satellite coverage isn’t great on the ocean floor), it’s conversations like these that help push traditional boundaries and identify new and innovative uses for satellite and M2M in general.

It’s a fun time to be in connected devices space, especially this week, at the heart of it all at GITEX in Dubai.

Mark Kuiack is Director of Digital Marketing for ORBCOMM. He is responsible for the strategic direction of ORBCOMM's web and social media presence, and has over 15 years of experience in marketing and writing about various technology applications.

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