Temperature Monitoring Goes Country in Australia

The Australian Country Music Hall of Fame, based in the country music capital of Tamworth, New South Wales, is a not-for-profit organisation that collects, protects and promotes the heritage of Australasian country music. Housing precious collectibles in such a warm climate presents some unique challenges, and requires the right technology to monitor their status at all times. Without proper temperature and humidity monitoring, different objects will degrade in different ways over time—metal objects will rust and textiles will rot—leaving the legacy of some of the country’s most iconic music in peril.

To protect this valuable collection from a sometimes unforgiving climate, reaching 40°C in mid-summer, regular Country Music Festival visitor Mark Mitchell, managing director of ORBCOMM Euroscan Asia Pacific and the SuperCool Group of Companies, negotiated the donation of a temperature and humidity monitoring system with Ron Quaedvlieg from ORBCOMM’s Euroscan Group headquarters in Europe.

The installation was completed just in time for the one of the hottest summers in Tamworth in January 2017. The temperature recorders monitor the temperature and humidity in each room, and send data to a web-based platform that staff and contractors can view remotely. Watch the video to learn more:

This was a novel use demonstrating the versatility of ORBCOMM’s cold chain monitoring and compliance solutions, typically deployed in transportation applications. To learn more, email or visit

Mark Kuiack

Mark Kuiack is Director of Digital Marketing for ORBCOMM. He is responsible for the strategic direction of ORBCOMM's web and social media presence, and has over 15 years of experience in marketing and writing about various technology applications.

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