SkyWave’s Top M2M Remote Monitoring Resources of 2014

Top M2M downloadsIt’s been a busy year tracking trends in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). Evolving market dynamics and a focus on innovation drove new applications for our satellite-based M2M remote monitoring solutions, which we shared with readers through our Blog and Knowledge Center. Along the way, your  clicks, downloads and social media shares let us know what interested you most this year.

As we look towards another busy year in the world of M2M/IoT, here’s our list of Top 10 SkyWave Blog Posts and Downloads of 2014…

1. The SCADA Connection White Paper
Learn how SCADA installations can evolve from the use of auto dialers to a more comprehensive way of managing remote sites that increases visibility while reducing the costs.

2. Mobile Workforce Trends
How solution providers can differentiate tehmselves by offering smarter devices for in-field workers.

3. Why Satellite M2M is On the Rise
Learn more about satellite M2M, and why it’s becoming a technology of choice where vital industrial assets need to be remotely monitored.

4. Remote Monitoring for Compressors
A look at why machine-level remote monitoring in the compression market is on the rise.

5. SCADA Security with Satellite
Since SkyWave’s satellite terminals do not face the Internet, they are largely immune to hacks. But apparently not all satellite systems can claim the same.

6. 5 Ways To Improve Remote Mining Operations
Learn why going without crucial communications is not an option for remote mining sites, and how visibility is essential for decision-making.

7. Satellite VMS for Maritime Safety
Discover how a crew member from a Mexican shrimping boat received timely medical attention after a serious fall, thanks to a satellite-based vessel monitoring system.

8. 7 Oil & Gas Assets that Need Remote Monitoring
How to increase efficiency and reduce costs by monitoring these 7 key oil & gas assets

9. Chemical Tank Monitoring
Read about a satellite-based chemical tank monitoring system that employs an external sensor for receiving tank refill notifications.

10. Automatic Vehicle Location Webinar
Learn how to eanable simple configuration of a variety of pre-set event-based reports and thresholds related to location tracking, vehicle status and driver behaviour monitoring.


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