SkyWave Introduces the Latest in Fleet Management

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Keeping track of fleets can be problematic for companies operating in areas outside of cellular range. Today’s fleet operators demand solutions that provide them with complete visibility of their fleets as well as uninterrupted connectivity regardless of location. Solutions that combine satellite and cellular access deliver shared benefits to fleet managers—the reliability and global reach of satellite in remote areas and lower-cost, faster data transmission over cellular where available.

The latest in smart, dual-mode solutions hits the market this week with the SkyWave IDP-782—a robust, fully-integrated, satellite-cellular, terminal that automatically switches between networks to select the most cost-effective message routing option. The IDP-782 allows fleet operators to track, monitor and manage their assets, drivers and cargo anywhere, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The feature rich IDP-782 delivers everything from built-in 1-Wire, CANbus, Accelerometer, dual SIM, sensor ports, load dump protection, emergency voice and more. A backup battery option is also available to enable reporting for up to 2.5 hours whenever vehicle power is not available.

And because of its flexible architecture, the SkyWave IDP-782 can be programmed to meet complex customer requirements and/or used with SkyWave configurable software applications for faster deployment.

Start experiencing the benefits of dual-mode technology today with our IDP-782 Starter Kit or contact sales at to learn more.

Download the IDP-782 datasheet.

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Lina Paerez

Lina Paerez is Senior Director of Product Marketing at ORBCOMM. She is responsible for the strategic positioning, messaging and deployment of new products and services. Lina has over 12 years of experience in marketing, sales and market development for the Telecommunications industry.

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One comment on “SkyWave Introduces the Latest in Fleet Management
  1. Susan Hirst says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that it is hard to keep track of of fleets for companies outside of cellular range. This satellite-cellular terminal sounds like a great solution for these fleet management companies.

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