Remote Container Management: Demand for Per-Trip Tracking on the Rise

cargo security solutionsDeclining hardware and airtime costs and a variety of external factors are driving the container shipping industry to increasingly adopt tracking and monitoring technology to gain full visibility of valuable assets.

A recent article on Maersk’s installation of its remote container management system and devices on its entire fleet of 270,000 reefer containers shows how one major carrier responded to technological advances in GSM, satellite tracking and the Internet of Things.

According to Mike Dempsey, ORBCOMM’s Vice President of Container and Port Solutions, while the ROI case for tracking refrigerated containers is a “no-brainer”, other types of shippers are interested in leasing tracking units fixed to dry containers on a cost per-trip basis.

“There is a nexus of a whole bunch of forces coming together and increasing demand for low-cost, per-trip-basis coverage; rather than having to permanently fix an RCM unit on each container,” says Dempsey.

Mike Dempsey recently spoke to The Loadstar logistics news portal to discuss his views on the future of smart container tracking across different types of shippers…

Read the Full Article on The Loadstar

In case you missed it, The Loadstar also recently published a podcast and an article entitled The Inside Story of How to Keep it Cool, which includes details of the Maersk project, how the technology works and how Maersk and its customers have already started to reap the benefits of remote container monitoring technology.

For more details on how these benefits combine to provide real-world ROI, listen to the podcast here:

To learn more about the benefits and ROI of remote container management solutions, visit

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