ORBCOMM Partner Portvision Wins ‘Best Satellite AIS Solution’

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As part of the ‘2015 Annual Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards’, Government Security News recognized companies for their scientific achievements and dedication to homeland security, and the Portvision AIS service once again stood out above the competition.

Unlike traditional VTS (Vessel Tracking Systems), the PortVision AIS service brings a new level of maritime domain awareness to government and law enforcement users.  Not only does the service offer real-time visibility and transparency of waterways, it also offers up to five years of historical information about all AIS-equipped vessel movements. This enables government users to view all arrivals, departures, and passings for a selected vessel of interest as well as all movements around a vessel, terminal, or point-of-interest for a selected day and time.

The Portvision AIS service is a prime example of how companies are using AIS data to provide additional value in maritime intelligence applications. Merging AIS data with historical data not only provides a more complete view of the vessels touching shore, it also allows governments to be able to ensure fishing vessels respect demarcated boundaries and enables them to administer fines against vessels trespassing across ecologically sensitive waterways.

Governments are also using AIS data to assess current vessel traffic and estimate future throughput for infrastructure projects like the recent expansion of the Suez canal.

For non-government entities, AIS data allows companies to increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs. Examples include using AIS data to:

  • Dictate transportation routes and manage fleets
  • Issue localized weather warnings to affected vessels
  • Determine traffic patterns, proximity encroachments and infringements on company owned assets
  • Provide legal support in prosecution of maritime incidents

The possibilities and applications for AIS data are endless and, as the maritime community sails into the world of big data, AIS will continue be a powerful tool for both government agencies needing maritime domain awareness as well as enterprises looking for a full picture of global maritime activity.

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Andrew Loretta

Andrew Loretta is Director, Maritime Business Development for ORBCOMM. For more information on the ORBCOMM Satellite AIS system, please contact us at or visit

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