New Backup Battery and Emergency Voice Keeps Drivers Safe and Connected

driver monitoring with IDP-782In past posts, we’ve highlighted the advanced fleet management capabilities of the SkyWave IDP-782—ORBCOMM’s integrated, dual-mode communications terminal that delivers reliable connectivity to assets moving in and out of cellular range. Reliable, always-on communications via both cellular and satellite enables more intelligent management of vital fleet operations, while monitoring driver behavior such as harsh braking and acceleration improves both vehicle performance and driver safety.  But when it comes to driver monitoring, safety and security, the IDP-782 now offers so much more…

Backup Battery
With the optional IDP-782 backup battery, the terminal will continue reporting over satellite or cellular networks when the main power source is interrupted or compromised—for anywhere from 12 hours to several days depending on conditions. For security, this means programming the terminal to automatically send more frequent position reports to improve driver safety, minimize vehicle theft and enable recovery.

Emergency Voice
In cases of emergency, the IDP-782 now supports a two-way voice call over cellular (to one of two preprogrammed phone numbers) using an external input such as a panic button. This requires the integration of a microphone and a speaker to the terminal. For security applications and hijacking situations, the IDP-782 allows silent calls, where dispatch is able to hear inside the vehicle’s cabin.

These features are available with firmware v5.1.4 for IDP-782.

Start experiencing the benefits of dual-mode technology today with our IDP-782 Starter Kit or contact sales at to learn more.

Download the IDP-782 datasheet.

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