IoTT and Connected Fleet take Center Stage at User Conference

At last week’s PeopleNet User Conference (UC) the buzz was all about the new features and functionality available as part of the company’s IoTT (Internet of Transportation Things) and Connected Fleet offering. From a new mobile app to smart video footage to enhanced web applications, PeopleNet is making it easier for fleet managers to manage what is happening in the cab and on the road.

The conference was an opportunity for ORBCOMM to connect with PeopleNet employees and customers who are looking for trailer tracking solutions to complement their PeopleNet in-cab solutions. While some PeopleNet customers rely on the GPS position information from the tractor to locate their trailers, many found that it did not provide the level of visibility that they needed to find lost trailers, decrease dwell times, and increase number of load turns.

For customers whose trailers are dropped at customer locations or who don’t have dedicated tractors for trailers, a separate trailer tracking solution is invaluable. One attendee explained that they had lost a tanker trailer for 3 months because they had forgotten at which customer site it was left at and they had no way to locate it. A trailer tracking solution with two-way communication would have allowed them to either poll the location of the tanker or use the daily yard check and dwell time reports to locate the idle unit.

Another PeopleNet UC attendee explained that they only knew the exact location of trailers when they were connected to tractors with PeopleNet in-cab messaging hardware.  Otherwise, they relied on the last known location. If a tractor without PeopleNet hardware had moved the trailer, they could not be sure of the location. A separate tracking solution would eliminate the uncertainty.

Finally, one safety manager explained that every day he had to walk the yard and record the location of all the trailers on a piece of paper. While some days he did not mind the walk, he admitted that a trailer tracking solution would enable him to spend his time doing something related to the safety of the fleet.

On the refrigerated side, we had an opportunity to discuss how the ORBCOMM integration enables drivers to view data the same data from the reefer controller on the ReeferMonitor application in the PeopleNet in-cab unit. This includes information like in what mode the reefer unit is operating in, return and discharge air temperature, set point temperature and if there are any alerts. You can find out more about our integration with PeopleNet here.

A big thank you to PeopleNet for organizing a great conference. It was good opportunity to connect with our many customers and partners to discuss our integration and some of our own innovations around IoTT and the Connected Fleet. We look forward to meeting you at our next conference which will be at the TMW Transforum in Orlando, Florida from September 13th to 16th.

Want to understand more about the benefits of trailer tracking? Download our white paper “How to Measure the ROI of a Reefer Management Solution”.

Chris MacDonald

Chris MacDonald is ORBCOMM’s Vice President, Transportation Solutions Sales

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