Goodbye AOBRD, Hello ELD: Expert Advice on the Transition

The days of the AOBRD grandfather clause are numbered. As most fleet owners are fully aware, the December 17 deadline is looming, and the FMCSA has made it clear there will be no soft enforcement after this date.  

While many fleets have already made the transition, if yours is not one of those, then get moving fast. The ELD mandate deadline waits for no one.  

To help smooth the transitionwe asked some ORBCOMM experts and customers for their ELD advice. Training and educating drivers, identifying driver leaders and communicating openly with all stakeholders are key elements for a successful transition from AOBRD to ELD.  

“Definitely talk to drivers about it…we’re bringing in a better solution and a better tablet and a better system to help with the transition.” Doug Ostrowski, Director of Operations, Queen Transportation and Logistics.  

Watch our latest video to find out more.  

With contributions from:  

Doug Ostrowski, Director of Operations, Queen Transportation and Logistics 

Ray Brogdon, Chief Administrative Officer, Texas Freight Services 

Chris MacDonald, ORBCOMM VP Sales, North America 

Scott Stofer, ORBCOMM Director, Product Manager 

Lina Paerez

Lina Paerez is Senior Director of Product Marketing at ORBCOMM. She is responsible for the strategic positioning, messaging and deployment of new products and services. Lina has over 12 years of experience in marketing, sales and market development for the Telecommunications industry.

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