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Railcar Tracking Helps Companies Cope with Industry Challenges

Described as a “symbol of U.S. economic might”, the rail industry in the U.S. is at a crossroad. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the number of boxcars in service in North America has fallen by

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How Rail Operators are Staying on Track with M2M

From railway lines to railcars and containers, M2M technology is helping companies stay on the track for safer and more efficient operations. Here are four rail organizations that are leveraging M2M to comply with regulations, optimize processes and grow their business.

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Dam Monitoring with Satellite M2M Plugs Communications Gap at Remote Sites

In 2011, record-breaking winter snowfall and spring rains created a treacherous combination that saw the greatest volume of runoff in the Missouri River since record keeping started 1898. The unexpectedly high volumes of water along with dwindling storage capacity in

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Adaptación de comunicaciones satelitales para aplicaciones SCADA basada en eventos

A medida que se ha incrementado la popularidad de los dispositivos satelitales M2M para el seguimiento, monitoreo y control remotos, los integradores de sistemas SCADA están cada vez más tratando de encontrar nuevas aplicaciones para estas alternativas de bajo costo

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Charting the Course for AIS and Big Data

I recently had the opportunity to attend the AIS Summit in Hamburg, Germany and I made some interesting observations about this maritime technology. Automatic Identification System (AIS) may have been originally designed for collision avoidance but of the over twenty

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Internet of Things Canada: Expected Growth to Come?

Telecom provider @TELUSBusiness recently worked with @IDC to benchmark the state of Internet of Things (IoT) in Canada and they came up with some interesting findings. Of the 209 organizations surveyed by phone and web: 6% have adopted IoT solutions 7%

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Oil and Gas Remote Monitoring System: How to Choose

The upstream oil and gas sector is becoming increasingly reliant on automation. According to a recent market report by ARC Advisory Group, automation expenditures in the exploration, production, and pipelines is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly

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Remote Monitoring and Big Data at the Core of SCADA Centers

GE is taking their remote monitoring services to a whole new level. The machinery giant has opened three facilities around the world to provide 24 x 7 real-time monitoring and diagnostic services for its global base of 800 gas turbines

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SCADA Security: Preventing Hacks with Satellite

My interest in SCADA security started in 2011 when I started noticing the warnings from DHS around hacks of municipal and power services.  Since SkyWave’s satellite terminals do not face the Internet like other communication devices, they are largely immune from

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Small Data: Bigger than Big Data?

In a recent blog post written by Sean Gordon, CEO of Intelliverse, he made the case that small data can often prove to be more valuable than its more popular counterpart for sales organizations. I recommend that you read

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