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The Next Phase of IoT in Shipping Digitalization: Data Interoperability, Integration & Intelligence

Container shipping today is surely not a business for the faint-hearted. Industry debates at recent international shipping and intermodal logistics events drove home several harsh realities: Sea freight is moving more slowly and unreliably than ever before Ship, container and

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Better Temperature Monitoring, Driver Performance and CSA Scores for Dutch Valley Foods

Find out how Dutch Valley Foods works with ORBCOMM for more efficient refrigerated tracking, with temperature monitoring, better driver performance and a safer fleet. “The number of rejected loads has gone down. If the customer on the other end just

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Controlled Atmosphere Containers Made Easier for Refrigerated Cargo Transport

Transporting perishable goods over long distances has always been challenging. It can be a race against time for produce to get to their destination intact as oxygen in the air will cause it to ripen quickly and eventually start to

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