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CVSA’s Brake Safety Week Coming in September

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Brake Safety Week takes place on September 16 -22, 2018. During the week-long blitz, the CVSA will deploy extra personnel on roads across North America to identify and remove any Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) with faulty brake systems.   Brake Safety Week aims

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Improving Fleet Fuel Economy: Smarter Steps for Getting Drivers On Board (New e-Book!)

Most fleet owners agree that fuel economy is a top priority. While monthly fuel bills can vary wildly depending on worldwide fuel costs, there is one constant that can make a big impression: driver behavior.   According to a study by the FMCSA, “driver behavior is

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Public Safety Fleets: A Case for Telematics for First Responder Vehicles

Motor vehicle crashes are devastating for those involved regardless of the circumstances, but when an incident involves emergency response personnel tasked with ensuring public safety, it’s almost unthinkable. Unfortunately, crashes involving ambulances, firetrucks and police vehicles happen more often than

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Distracted Driving a Growing Concern for UK and Irish Fleets (New e-Book)

Distracted driving is something that affects every single user of UK and Irish roads and many fleets are looking for answers. Increasingly, research shows that drivers trying to multi-task run a higher risk of road accidents. Distraction can be particularly dangerous for truck drivers, where reaction

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Sensors, Satellite, Smart Apps and Shipper Visibility: Welcome to the Future of Containers

Container tracking and monitoring technology is hardly a novel idea, but recent trends and technical advancements have accelerated an industry shift towards the increasing use of sensor-based Internet of Things (IoT) telematics devices and applications in the supply chain. Over

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