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A caminho de Natal com o pavilhão Canadense da Brasil Onshore 2014

A SkyWave está se preparando para aterrissar em Natal para a edição de 2014 da Brasil Onshore. Esse ano, como em anos anteriores, o Canadá terá o único pavilhão internacional da feira com dez empresas representando esse país, que é

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Oil & Gas/SCADA Monitoring: ‘Good Enough’ No Longer Good Enough

One of the things that I love most about our industry is the dynamic nature of the businesses we work with and the markets we operate within.  The Oil & Gas market is no exception as witnessed at the ADIPEC exhibition

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5 Ways To Improve Remote Mining Operations with Satellite Communication

Mining sites are often located in some of the most remote locations in the world. These outlying locations make communication difficult when attempting to successfully connect people, equipment and the enterprise system via cellular or radio technology. However, going without

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The Parallels Between the Rise of Social Media and M2M/IOT

Approximately 72% of all online adults in the US are members of at least one social network, according to a report released by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project in August 2013. Daily, millions log into their

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Remote Monitoring and Big Data at the Core of SCADA Centers

GE is taking their remote monitoring services to a whole new level. The machinery giant has opened three facilities around the world to provide 24 x 7 real-time monitoring and diagnostic services for its global base of 800 gas turbines

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7 bienes de la industria del petróleo y gas que requieren la supervisión a distancia

Las empresas de la industria energética saben que la supervisión a distancia del equipo vital es esencial para lograr la fiabilidad y rentabilidad. Con el sistema de supervisión adecuado, las empresas de energía pueden conseguir información pre-determinada de la producción

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SCADA Security: Preventing Hacks with Satellite

My interest in SCADA security started in 2011 when I started noticing the warnings from DHS around hacks of municipal and power services.  Since SkyWave’s satellite terminals do not face the Internet like other communication devices, they are largely immune from

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Connected Costumes, Candy Bowls and More

Happy Halloween from SkyWave! Seems like an opportune time to resurrect this oldie but goodie from M2M Evolution, detailing all the ways M2M and IoT technology come together to keep put the fright in Halloween night… Spookify Your Halloween with M2M

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1-Wire Becoming the Singular Choice for Driver ID and Other Applications

1-Wire devices are used extensively in security, access control and asset management applications to measure and control a wide range of environmental parameters.  1-Wire sensors and readers are becoming increasingly popular due to their ruggedness, reliability, accuracy, ease of use

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From Overload to Understanding: New GSMA Guidelines for M2M/IoT Developers

Here is an interesting development: GSMA, a group that represents most of the world’s mobile operators, has issued guidelines for how IoT and M2M developers should communicate over mobile networks to prevent network overload. I am not sure if this

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