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Connected Costumes, Candy Bowls and More

Happy Halloween from SkyWave! Seems like an opportune time to resurrect this oldie but goodie from M2M Evolution, detailing all the ways M2M and IoT technology come together to keep put the fright in Halloween night… Spookify Your Halloween with M2M

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1-Wire Becoming the Singular Choice for Driver ID and Other Applications

1-Wire devices are used extensively in security, access control and asset management applications to measure and control a wide range of environmental parameters.  1-Wire sensors and readers are becoming increasingly popular due to their ruggedness, reliability, accuracy, ease of use

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From Overload to Understanding: New GSMA Guidelines for M2M/IoT Developers

Here is an interesting development: GSMA, a group that represents most of the world’s mobile operators, has issued guidelines for how IoT and M2M developers should communicate over mobile networks to prevent network overload. I am not sure if this

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Water Monitoring: Will New California Regs Stop the Disappearing Act?

New legislation was passed last month that may just change the way that Californians treat their water. Designed to manage the state’s rapidly disappearing aquifers, the new regulations give local agencies the power to restrict groundwater pumping, shut down wells,

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SCADA: Bringing it All Together with Satellite (Video)

We often write about the benefits of using satellite to connect unmonitored, orphan sites in existing SCADA infrastructure, but what does it all look like? This video provides a new visual of how satellite-enabled SCADA can perform common tasks remotely, such as:

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The (M2M) View from GITEX Technology Week

Given the enormity of the Middle East’s premier information/communication technology event, calling GITEX Technology Week 2014 a microcosm doesn’t seem quite right, but it certainly is its own ‘little’ world of game-changing innovation, showcasing the latest advancements that are shaping

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M2M on Ice

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, it is going to be another teeth-chattering cold winter. While for us northerners that means more skiing, skating and hockey (can you ever have enough hockey?), it also means more snow, blizzards and treacherous

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‘Pit to Port’ Visibility, Analytics Help Mining Companies Dig Out from Decline

2014 has been another tough year for mining companies around the world. With shifting demand, weaker commodity prices, more stringent government regulations and higher input and production costs, mining companies are being forced to re-evaluate the way they do business,

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Gearing up for GITEX Technology Week in Dubai

 SkyWave will be showcasing our satellite/cellular devices and applications for industrial asset monitoring and control at GITEX Technology Week 2014—one of the world’s largest and most influential Information/Communication Technology events. What: GITEX Technology Week 2014When: Oct. 12 – 16, 2014 Where:

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Water & Fracking: Will Real-Time Monitoring Help?

In a recent article in the Denver Post it was reported that the state of Colorado is launching a new system for real-time water quality monitoring in the state’s oil and gas regions.  According to the story, this system will

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