1-Wire Becoming the Singular Choice for Driver ID and Other Applications

1-Wire devices are used extensively in security, access control and asset management applications to measure and control a wide range of environmental parameters.  1-Wire sensors and readers are becoming increasingly popular due to their ruggedness, reliability, accuracy, ease of use but most of all, low price.

1-Wire/iButton technology

Today, iButton, a 1-Wire component that is sealed into a small stainless steel “button” similar to a disk-shaped watch battery, is widely used in access control and identification solutions quickly becoming the smart device of choice for Driver ID applications.

1-Wire/iButton has become an industry standard for a number of reasons, including:

1-Wire adapter for IDP

SkyWave’s IsatData Pro terminals now support 1-Wire devices.
An RS-232 to Skywave 1-Wire adapter is now available to quickly integrate 1-Wire sensors and readers with SkyWave IsatData Pro satellite and satellite-cellular terminals.
For native 1-Wire support, the SkyWave SG-7100 cellular gateway features a built-in 1-Wire interface for seamless integration with 1-Wire devices.

  • Simple integration: A single 1-Wire master can be easily programmed to communicate with multiple 1-Wire sensors on the same bus
  • Ruggedness: The iButton is environmentally sealed and operates in harsh environments
  • Versatility: iButtons are small and can attach unobtrusively to almost any fixed and mobile asset to deliver and record data

Besides Driver ID, iButton can be used for any number of applications where data needs to travel with a person or piece of equipment. This can include point-of-sale transactions, remote access authorization, wireless entry systems, data logging (ie. time, temperature, humidity, etc.), maintenance and quality control. iButton components use a unique serial number to communicate, ensuring they are constantly addressable and findable on a network.

Given the pervasiveness of 1-Wire sensors and iButton technology, solutions providers would do well to offer end users equipment that includes native or adapter support for 1-Wire devices.

For more technical information on 1-Wire in general, consult Maxim Integrated’s Overview of 1-Wire Technology and Its Use.

Lina Paerez

Lina Paerez is Senior Director of Product Marketing at ORBCOMM. She is responsible for the strategic positioning, messaging and deployment of new products and services. Lina has over 12 years of experience in marketing, sales and market development for the Telecommunications industry.

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2 comments on “1-Wire Becoming the Singular Choice for Driver ID and Other Applications
  1. Avatar Lenka says:

    Thanks for the info. It is true that many access control system are taking 1-wire solutions for the security choice. Also, many GPS Tracker also support 1-wire protocol for driver identification.

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